Example Follow Up Email

Dear Christopher,

Please see our findings below:

Sacral Chakra: Your place of creativity. While I was here your guides said "Christopher is part of the big picture". You are such a creative and visual human and a key to bringing light where it's dark. There were blockages here that showed that there was a lack of inspiration. The anger in the solar plexus can throw the sacral chakra out of balance. When you work on one energy point all the others balance out as well.

Action: The floral essence I would recommend is Bach Cerato. A great addition to tea or water!

Teal Aura/Throat Chakra

I began by analyzing your aura. It shows up as a really pretty teal color - like a shallow lake on a sunny day. Having a teal aura means you have a natural gift of communication and are very busy applying your gifts. Teal auras are multi-taskers, emotional healers, and deep into feeling.

Action: If you ever find heaviness around your aura field and can't tap into your natural gift, you can use the affirmation: "My voice is my vehicle for creating pleasant atmospheres in the world for myself and others."

Third Eye

There seemed to be a blockage and disconnect here. We opened it up and bridged your third eye to your throat chakra so you can speak words from your intuition rather than speak from the mind body.

Action: Meditation is key for opening the third eye. There is no substitute for sitting in silence. You will always find clarity where it's quiet.