When you choose peace, you choose courage.

There is bravery in bloom.

Picture by Nora Gonshak at Shiva Shack Yoga Studio


If you're looking for:

an energetic cleanse

need an energetic tune up and direction


just need space to breathe and connect to your Spirit - click here.

I can't wait to work with you.

"I can't recommend Carrie enough. The lightness and healing that I feel after a session with her is incredible. She is incredibly respectful of boundaries and soft and careful when talking with you about what came through during the session. If you're looking to clear some blockages or take a break from the noisy world around you, she's the one to go to."

Rachael C. | Alsip, Illinois

"I can’t rave about Carrie’s work enough. I felt amazing like my body was rinsed out and so much lifted off of my shoulders. I actually saw colors and vivid images. It was an experience. I’m so grateful for Carrie’s expertise and am looking forward to more sessions with her."

Bridget M. | Chicago, Illinois