Chakra Meditation Series

Releasing June 2022

Coping with Being Human

Releasing September 2022

Mother in Movement

A Prenatal Yoga Series to prepare the body for labor, ease any aches, and settle the mind during through transforming time

Releasing September 2022

Presently Pregnant

Releasing November 2022


Communicate With Your Baby Outside of Normal Sensory Capability

Releasing 2023


Astrology Series

Sacred Silence | Winter Solstice

Set your intentions to bring you into the new year. Release what no longer serves you.

Capricorn Beginnings

This new moon allows us to release what no longer serves us and gives us the wisdom to create a path for serving.

Full Moon in Cancer

This full moon gives us a beautiful opportunity to transform, release, and turn inward

Honey Jar Season 1

Soul Rinse

A meditation for when fear clouds the light within and calls for slowing down and stepping into your highest self

Chakras: Root

Breathe Yourself Free

A meditation for when the weight of the world feels like too much to bear

Chakras: Throat, Heart, & Solar Plexus

Evening Primrose

A guided sleep meditation that will take you to a place of calm & rest

Chakras: Crown, 3rd Eye

Quieting the Chaotic Mind

A meditation for calming the intrusive thoughts that may impact your physical body

Chakras: Throat, Heart, & Sacral

The Armor of Regret

A meditation for when cascades of your past intrude your thoughts

Chakras: Crown and 3rd Eye

Inner Compass

A meditation to strengthen your intuition

Chakras: Crow, 3rd Eye, Heart